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KSBHA Telemedicine Policy

(#21-02; Effective June 11, 2021)

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We are excited to announce if you subscribe to our CEU management service,  you can upload your CEUs for approval.  

The link below will direct you to the new process of uploading your CEUs.  

Select your Class Form submission, fill out the information needed online and submit.  

All supporting documents will need to be in PDF format for attachment.  

Please call the office and we can help walk you through the process. 

CLICK HERE to start submitting CEUs

Starting Feb. 15, 2023, any OT applying for initial licensure in Kansas will be required to attest upon application to the minimum level of professional liability insurance coverage. Starting Feb. 15, 2024, OTs will be required to attest on their renewal applications.

* Individual coverage of ≥$100k/claim, subject to an annual aggregate of ≥$300k for claims made during the period of coverage; OR
* Coverage through the individual’s employer under an “additional insured” policy for ≥$1 million/claim, subject to an annual aggregate of ≥$3 million.

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