CEU Management Service

The current continuing education (CE) cycle began April 1, 2023, and ends March 31, 2025. The KOTA office administers the CEU Management Service and will report your CEUs to the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts (KSBHA) at the appropriate time. When you have reached your required number of CEUs, KOTA will send you a congratulatory letter.


  2. Access to your CEU information online, 24/7
  3. Full support of KOTA staff
  4. Peace of mind that CEUs meet the KSBHA and National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) criteria
  5. All CEUs are reviewed and either approved or denied by the KOTA CE peer review committee
  6. During an audit, KOTA provides your CEU information to KSBHA
  7. All KOTA pre-approved classes are automatically applied to your record … a hassle-free convenience of KOTA CEU Management
  8. All records are kept in one location for ease of renewing your license or certification 
  9. Upon completion of your CEUs, you are sent a letter of verification
  10. Excellent value! Only $85 for KOTA members for the two-year cycle! (Nonmembers pay $95.) Click to sign up today!

Enrollment Procedures and Fees 

    • Complete the CEU cycle application form (PDF APPLICATION or SIGN UP ONLINE) today! All information must be provided to ensure accurate reporting to KSBHA.
        You must have had your KSBHA OT/OTA license before June 15, 2023, to enroll in the management service online. Note that it may take a couple of minutes to process your name and license number, especially if it is your first time logging in or you have not logged in recently. Clearing your browser cache or opening a new incognito window before logging in sometimes reduces the wait time.
    • Send $85 (KOTA members) or $95 (nonmembers) in the form of a check or money order. No cash, please.
    • Mail completed form and fee to
      KOTA CEU Management Service
      825 S. Kansas Ave., Ste. 500
      Topeka, KS 66612

    NOTE: All name and address changes should be reported to the KOTA and KSBHA offices separately and immediately to ensure proper handling of your CEUs.

    Course Information and Class Forms 

    Filing for CEU Approval of KOTA Pre-Approved Courses

    If you receive a Certificate of Attendance that has KOTA on the top, do not forward application to the office. The course provider will report your attendance. To ensure proper credit, sign in on KOTA attendance sheets before the morning and afternoon sessions.

    All Other Courses

    Mail application form and required supporting documentation to the KOTA Central Office within 60 days from attendance to avoid $20.00 late processing fee. See Class Information and Examples to ensure submission of appropriate class application and supporting documentation.

    Class Applications

    The following applications can be downloaded for your convenience. Please view the CEU Management Folder for more information on class forms, CEU requirements, and guidelines. Please note that all CEUs must be submitted with the new CEU forms.

    • Click the Class to Download

    • Class I - Educational Experience
    • Class II - In service (Attended/Presented)
    • Class III - Professional Reading, Audio or Videotapes
    • Class IV - Professional Publication
    • Class V - Credit for Presentation of Class I
    • Class VI - Level II Fieldwork Supervision

    Upload your CEU's directly for review

    The link below provides CEU Management Service subscribers the opportunity to upload their CEUs directly to be reviewed.  No need for stamps.  Log in, fill out the online application, attach all supporting documents and submit. Click the link below to upload!

    CLICK HERE to begin uploading

    Agency / Provider Course Pre- Approval 

    Agency / Course Provider Note

    If you are an agency or course provider seeking information on the PRE-APPROVAL process, you may download the self-explanatory application below. If you have any questions, please contact the KOTA office at 785.232.8044 or email us.

    Provider CEU  PRE-APPROVAL Application

    Provider CLICK HERE TO UPLOAD PreApproval Applications.


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