CEU Class Forms

  • After completion of each CEU, you have 60 days to submit to the KOTA CEU Management Service. 
  • After 60 days, a $20 late fee per CEU form will be added.
  • All CEUs must be mailed into 825 S. Kansas Ave., Suite 500, Topeka KS 66612.
  • Please CLICK HERE if you need to renew or join the KOTA CEU Management Service.

Please click on the image of a form to open it as a PDF.

Class 1 Form - Educational Experience
40 Hours

  • Live Webinar
  • Workshop/Conference
  • College Course
  • Self Study (20 hours only)

Class II Form - In-Service (Attended or Presented)  

4 Hours  Attending/Presenting

In-Service is at work training, provided by co-workers/peers at your job site. 

Class III - Professional Readings or Audio Tapes
(Certificates of Completion are not given)

2 hours 

Class IV - Professional Publication

60 hours

Class V - Presentation of Class I workshop or College Course.  

30 hours

Class VI - Level II Fieldwork Supervision

24 hours

  • Must have supervisor sign off on hours

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